PICH Telecoms specialises in the Planning, Installation, Certification and Handing over of fibre networks "its even in our name" across London and South East. We currently provide full turnkey solutions for all types of fibre projects internally and externally with the belief that a fibre network is only an asset if the correct engineering principles are used.


Network Planning

Optimised network planning to guarantee future network


We know what we are doing.

Equipment Consultancy 

Selection of active and passive equipment to match ISP requirements .

Our services will pay off.

Project Management

Experts in FTTP deployment project management.From planning to execution.

We have done it before.

Full Turnkey Installation

Experts on full turnkey delivery for internal and external fibre networks.

Engineering Principles delivered.

Audit and Inventory

Inventory is key when managing your assets. We have a tool for this, specifically designed for FTTP and 5G.

We know it is a matter of making it right.

Integration and R&D

Systems are essential for an optimal network management. Automation and integration reduce operation costs.

R&D is key so you leave competition behind.

Optical Transport

Optical metro, long haul and WDM. We can also help you with this. From the last mile to the network core.

If it is optical, we have the knowledge.


PICH work closely with partners providing a multitude of services to help bring future networks throughout the UK. 
We are always looking to expand our network of partners.




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